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Psychiatry Positions Available

Boston Psychiatry –

A private practice group seeking additional psychiatry coverage. They are 20 psychiatrists with additional nurse practitioner and social worker support staff. Each psychiatrist has 700 – 800 patients in their panels.

They allot one hour for new patient appointments and 30 minutes for follow up appointments. If a psychiatrist wants to work faster than 30 minutes on follow up, they are welcome to work at the speed in which they are comfortable. Some work at 20 – minute time slots for follow up. Most are working 34 clinical hours each week. Each physician can set their schedule in terms of total patient hours and length of clinical appointments. They are concentrating on medical management. The masters level therapists conduct counseling sessions with the patients.

All patients are referred to the practice. There is no practice building required. They are dealing with anxiety, depression, high functioning schizophrenia, mood disorders and some substance abuse. No detox. It is all outpatient based medicine with no inpatient component. Adult psychiatrists can see child patients. There is no restriction in this practice. They see all patients and use their care model to triage to the correct therapy. The therapists are trained to specific disorders.

The call is very light. RN takes the first call. They take call one week at a time. During the week, you might get 2 calls total and perhaps 2 – 3 over a weekend. There is no need to see patients so you are not restricted by location.

They offer a very competitive starting salary and the benefits offered are comprehensive.

Please call Gene Corbett at 636-288-4003 for more information or email gene.corbett@physicianfinders.com