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The Brattleboro Retreat seeking Tele-Psychiatrists

This is a new position for the Brattleboro Retreat. They are looking for someone who is interested in being a part of their psychiatry staff without being on campus. The staff is excellent, the Retreat has tremendous leadership and the patients are treated in a manner that sets them on course for long term recovery. Our intention is to fully integrate telepsychiatrist into our existing medical staff to as great an extent as possible. We would consider part time positions.

We are looking for candidates who want more out of their medical careers than simply patient care and billable hours. We want physicians who are interested in teaching, scholarship, mentoring, program development, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

The preferred position is a full time telepsychiatry position with the Brattleboro Retreat. The Retreat is a very well known care center in Brattleboro Vermont. They have a 160 year history of excellence.

The Brattleboro Retreat is a comprehensive psychiatric and addiction treatment center located in beautiful southern Vermont. We pleased to announce immediate openings for three inpatient medical staff to join our team of 22 dedicated psychiatrists. The Retreat offers reasonable caseloads of 8-10 patients daily, a strong learning environment (teaching medical students, nurses, social workers, and others), as well as a light on-call obligation. We are seeking psychiatrists in the following positions:

• Staff Forensic Psychiatrist, Inpatient Adult
• Staff Psychiatrist, Co-Occurring Disorders Unit
• Staff Psychiatrist for General Adult Unit

We have recently increased the compensation for our physicians to match the 75th percentile for psychiatrists. We offer a rich benefit plan to all of our employees including retirement plans.

Our Mission

We are seeking compassionate and motivated psychiatrists who wish to make a difference in the lives of our patients. With a census that averages eight patients per inpatient provider, the Retreat will provide you that opportunity. We treat more than 3500 inpatients annually, and our admissions have increased over 50% in the last eight years. Each inpatient’s mental and physical intake examination is performed by our admitting staff, allowing you, the inpatient psychiatrist, to concentrate on the inpatient experience.

Our Nurturing Environment

The Brattleboro Retreat is located in the southeastern corner of Vermont and is situated on the banks of the Connecticut River. With the Green Mountains as our backdrop, the Retreat offers a soothing and restorative environment of care that is conducive to healing.
The Retreat has been providing mental health care and addictions treatment since 1835. Our facility was one of the first 10 psychiatric hospitals in the United States and is nationally recognized for providing a full range of high quality diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services for individuals of all ages and their families.
Our original philosophy of care was patterned on the Quaker concept of moral treatment, and we continue to remain true to that spirit. Each unit embraces a specific treatment approach such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) or Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).
We offer medical staff candidates an opportunity to join a tremendous, collegial environment. We offer 39 paid days off annually, tax deferred savings programs and on-site child care.

The City of Brattleboro

The town of Brattleboro is located in the Connecticut River Valley at the base of the Green Mountains. A regional center for commerce, finance, and technology, Brattleboro also has been cited in several publications as one of the top arts and cultural locations in the country.
Numerous parks are nearby, and recreational opportunities range from hiking and winter skiing to fall drives and popular music, arts, and crafts festivals. Our central proximity in New England is close to Interstate 91 providing easy access to major cities like Boston, New York and Montreal, as well as the coast of Maine, Cape Cod and the Adirondack mountains. With affordable housing and moderate cost of living, Brattleboro’s cosmopolitan rural setting remains a great setting to call home.


Please contact Mr. Gene Corbett. Gene is knowledgeable about our facility, our location, and the positions available at the Retreat. You can contact him immediately at 800-229-9759. You may also respond via email to Gene.Corbett@physicianfinders.com. Please visit our website at http://www.brattlebororetreat.org/.

www.brattlebororetreat.org – The Brattleboro Retreat webpage



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